Nikos Koutsis
Born in 1972 in Athens, Greece. He studied Graphic Design and worked in the field of animation for a couple of years, before earning himself a position as the visualiser of the Greek MacCann Erickson brunch in Athens. A couple of years later, in ’95, he had the opportunity to attend a training course at the Disney Consumer Products studio in Paris, one that he had to give up owing to unavoidable military duty.

Since 2004, he has been creating comics for the international anti-piracy campaign of Adobe Europe and the environmental awareness campaign of UNEP DTIE in Paris. Currently, he is working as a colourist for US Publisher Image Comics, on the “Savage Dragon” on-going series and has worked as a penciler/inker/colourist for US publisher Blue Water productions on “The Imaginaries” mini-series comics.

he frequently writes articles for Greek graphic design magazines like +Design and Adobe magazine and also works as an instructor in a leading art & design private college (VAKALO)

Lead Colourist