Mike Toris
Born in 1981 in Athens, Greece. He graduated from AKTO, a leading art & design private college, in 2005 (Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Sketch Comics-Cartoons), earning himself a position as a visualiser of the Greek advertising company JNL+, where he drew storyboards, characters’ designs and illustrations for known Greek brands. At that time, some of his designs appeared in 9 (Eleftherotypia), Athens Voice and various competitions and exhibitions in Greece.

In 2007, he formed an artistic team with Nikos Koutsis and as a flatter he has colored since, more than 1800 pages for 18 comic projects. He is regularly working on Image Comics¢ Savage Dragon, and -Erik Larsen included- he has colored pages for some of the most important US artists, like Todd McFarlane(Image United), Frank Cho(50 Girls 50), Ryan Ottley(Invincible) and Walter Simonson(Thor Omnibus).

He has drawn storyboards, illustrations and concept art for greek short and feature films. In 2010 he designed the character Foots and created its 2d animation, for the videoclip of the song “The traveler”, performed by the former singer of Archive, Craig Walker.

Since October 2010, he also works as a sketch-comics’ instructor in the art workshop ¡Zografizo¢, in his hometown New Irakleio. Lately he works in the challenging comic book Apocalypse4, digitally inking and flat coloring Hugh’s dynamic pages!

Lead Digital Inker